Ultimate Hospital Bag


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The Ultimate Hospital Bag includes:

  • Nursing bra
  • 5 Piece PJ Set
  • Maternity Gift Set
  • MotherLove Nipple Balm
  • Reusable Nursing pads
  • Burt's Bees Getting Started Kit
  • Earth Mama perineal spray
  • Maternity panties
  • Foldable tote
  • Going Home Outfit
  • Cradle Cap Brush
  • Organic Cotton Onesie
  • Going-home Outfit for Momma
  • Hair ties
  • Wooden Comb + Brush Set

If you don't feel like building your own, rest assured that this will address all your needs and more. You still have the option to upgrade a few pieces at your leisure. Just pick out what clothing size you wear and what color bag you'd like and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep!