Build Your Own: Hospital Bag


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Onesie+Knotted Hat+ Scratch Mittens

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NO MORE CHECKLISTS!  Take the guess work out of your hospital bag. We've packed all the essentials for momma and baby's hospital stay and beyond. Good news is, we've left all the fun stuff up to you! This is an amazing baby shower gift for any momma-to-be.

Products are all natural and organic.What's included? A few items are listed below:

Mommy Bag Portable Bidet
Baby Wash Set Toiletries
Nipple Balm Diaper Rash Cream
Overnight Organic Cotton Maternity Pads Cradle Cap Exfoliator
 Organic Reusable Nursing Pads   Wooden Comb + Brush Set
Foldable Tote Perineal Spray