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We are currently looking for two types of stories—inspiring essays from real moms like you, and expert columns. 

Llama Momma Blogs are first person, 700-900 word stories, reflecting on the insights and issues you’ve experienced in motherhood—and the wisdom you’ve gained along the way. They address a specific pain point of mom life that you have been through or are going through right now. They help women realize they’re not alone, and they never judge. Instead, they inspire other mommas with stories of meaning, hope and a realization that, “you’ve got this.” 

Stories appear on our site, our social media channels, or could even be turned into a video.

 Are you an expert?

We collaborate with pediatricians, stylists, teachers, child development experts, nutritionists, career coaches, family therapists, interior designers (and more!) to bring research-backed, evidence-based ideas + inspiration to our audience. Our mamas are looking for you! Write for Llama Momma Company + reach our amazing community of mothers. Expert columns share tips from (you guessed it!) credentialed experts on a topic. You draw from your experience as well as evidenced-backed research to give new mamas actionable tips and encouragement. 

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We love to feature our community's authentic #momlife clips in our videos. We are always looking for honest depictions of the heartwarming, hilarious, and unglamorous moments of motherhood. Submit your captured moments for a chance to be featured in an upcoming Llama Momma video.

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